Welcome | Moin,

I'm Thomas, and I currently pursue a PhD at the Digital Media Lab of the University of Bremen, with the prospect to graduate early 2024. In my research, I focus on ethical design and online well-being, with a special focus on social media, conversational user interfaces, and dark patterns. With regard to the latter, I'm keeping a list with examples in the form of a dark pattern cheatsheet on this website. Recently, together with my amazing friends and colleagues Colin M. Gray, Cristiana Santos, and Nataliia Bielova, we have synthesised even more dark patterns into a dark pattern ontology (link to our paper).

If you're interested in my work, feel free to have a look at my publications. There, you may also find other projects outside my main focus, where I was happy to collaborate with others on great ideas. Also, please reach out, if you want to talk to me or have any questions regarding my work. I am always happy to answer questions!



While I research social media, I also use it my self. Find me on Twitter and LinkedIn and get in touch there. Of course, you can also simply send me a mail.

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